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16th Sep 2021

We’re obsessed with this idea from the Tara Buildings for Culture Night

Fiona Frawley

Over the past couple of years, disposable cameras have been having a bit of a renaissance.

We’ve all been leaning intensely into nostalgia since about 2016, and the grainy quality of a snap from a disposable camera has become the aesthetic of choice. It’s fuzzy, it’s familiar, and let’s be honest with ourselves – it makes us feel cool.

What we have lost during the years of carefully curating the perfect Insta feed and having the ~lark~ filter on standby for all staycay snaps is the sense of spontaneity that used to come with a disposable camera – it’s like we’ve lost the carefree nature we used to have while capturing the gals on the bus home from the junior C’s hockey semi final back in 2006. Well, the Tara Building have come up with a way to restore the former impulsivity that used to go hand in hand with the humble disposable camera:

As a way of celebrating Culture Night, the Tara Building team will be placing 20 disposable cameras at locations across Dublin city for people to “find, pick up and document their experiences of what it feels like to ‘Come Together Again’”. The pictures taken will then be developed and hopefully feature in an exhibition at the Tara Buildings in the future. We love this idea, and can’t wait to see what these cameras capture!

Header image via Instagram/thetarabuildings

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