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20th Dec 2016

You F*cked Up – 9 Great Ways To Apologise To Someone

Alana Laverty

Shit happens.

And sometimes we screw up in a big way.

It may seem like they’ll never speak to you, ever again. 

But I would strongly advise you to try the following – as someone that can hold a good grudge, I can guarantee you that these would melt my cold heart.

1. Send them a Hippenings balloon 

If you’ve only fucked up a wee bit then a balloon might be all it takes to get you back in the good books. 

I mean who could refuse this cute thing?

Hippenings Balloon

2. A steak on a stone 

Nothing says sorry like a big hunk of meat from Rustic Stone

Unless you’ve fucked up in a major way.

Then perhaps this steak could be the first leg of your apologetic journey?

13708351 1378466135501887 2629656870681774691 O

3. Grovel in front of a crowd

Pop The Cherry Comedy is for people who want to pop their literal comedy cherry.

However that is not your priority, but is your opportunity.

So if you think making a show of yourself and grovelling on a stage is what will make your angered other half accept your apology then get onto these lads. 

It’s on every Monday evening in Whelan’s so you’ve no excuses. 


4. Take them for a bottomless treat

Because food is the best way to the heart.

Choose from a bottomless BBQ or a mimosa-drowned brunch.

5. Get drunk with them in XICO

The scowls will turn into smiles after two or three margaritas.

I promise you. 

6. Take them on a surprise trip

Although they may seem pissed off at the time – they will later thank you.

Just gonna leave this here for some inspo. 


7. Fill their fridge

To the brim with all of their favourite foods and drinks.

Honestly, who could stay mad with a fridge of happiness?

Shutterstock 421376233

8. Buy them a puppy 

The DSPCA are always looking for people to adopt dogs, and if a dog is something they’ve always wanted then you might never fight again. 

But be sure to think this one through and remember, puppies are forever – not just to say sorry. 

A goldfish is also a good alternative. 

Shutterstock 342785012

9. Buy them a subscription

To Netflix, Spotify or a monthly, themed subscription box.

Not overly costly and honestly a sound gesture. 

Shutterstock 294243506

If all else fails…


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