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29th Mar 2021

Glovers unveil a Mini Egg milkshake and it’s a must-try for this Easter weekend

James Fenton

Before we go any further, if Glovers Café isn’t in your 5km then might have to miss out on this one over Easter weekend.

At the time of writing, we still don’t know which way the Government is going to go in terms of easing the current 5km exercise limit. An announcement is expected on Tuesday evening and it’s reported that the limit could be extended to 10km or to county borders. Whatever happens though, we’re all stuck in our 5km until Easter Monday at least.

That said, anyone within 5km of Glovers Café in Bray will be able to try out this amazing-looking Mini Egg milkshake which they shared on Instagram earlier today. Made up of a Glovers milkshake, half an Easter Egg, some sprinkles and some Mini Eggs, it definitely goes on the Easter bucket list…

Glovers is located on the Meath Road in the Wicklow town, just a hop and a skip from the seafront. Great news for anyone nearby and let’s hope that by the time NEXT Easter rolls around, we can all enjoy one.

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