Tourist asks 'am I seeing things?' after being handed bill at Temple Bar pub

By Fiona Frawley

February 7, 2023 at 12:03pm


Four jagerbombs cost her the guts of €50.

Most Dubliners are well aware of the tendency prices have to skyrocket once you feel the cobbles of Temple Bar underfoot, but some receipts still have the potential to render us speechless.

One such bill was obtained by a woman visiting Dublin from the UK over the weekend, who spent an alarming €42.55 on four jagerbombs. The four shots of Jager came to €36.20, while the cost of one can of Red Bull was €6.35.

Taking to Twitter to share a photo of the receipt, the woman wrote "Am I seeing things?"

The tweet has since been viewed by 1.7 million people, with many taking to the comments section to sound off on the matter.


"Tourist trap that side of the river. Cross the bridge to north of temple bar (30 second walk) it’s all half the price", one person wrote.

Another commiserated "I got absolutely fleeced in there and the surrounding pubs".

Some weren't as sympathetic though, suggesting people should know what they're getting themselves into when visiting the tourist trap.


"Capital city and the most popular drinking attraction there it’s always gonna be expensive. Pints of guiness are about 8 quid each", one user said.

Another said “I actually felt robbed leaving this place a few weeks ago, thankfully we got some great recommendations from the locals of where to go”.

The woman concluded that she'd "had such a good night there", but would probably never be back.
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