7 Takeaways To Order Tonight If You're In The Mood For Tasty Asian Food

Rice or noodles?

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You promised yourself that you were going to be well behaved this week. But now you're regretting that as the preparation for dinner looms over your head.

Where better to solve your troubles than ordering a takeaway? Namely, takeaways hailing from the continent of Asia.

Chop sticks at the ready.

1. Eatokyo

We're kicking this list off with some sushi specialists. They're located in Temple Bar but deliver all around Dublin. Order them off the following:

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2. Ambala

They specialise in Middle Eastern, Indian and Pakistani food and have raaaaving reviewers. If you're feeling a 'lil spicy, order these in:

3. Starry Night

Look no further than Starry Night if you want a proper doooorty Chinese.

We can confirm that their menu does contain a killer spice box deal.

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4. Namaste India 

This Smithfield Indian is in a class of its own and is a must-try for everyone at least once in their life. They currently have a 20% discount on all orders over €25 too so round up the troops!

5. Kathmandu Kitchen

Order from this Dame Street establishment if you're in the mood for Nepalese cuisine. If you make big orders with these guys then you can get free bonuses such as free beer on orders over €50 and a free bottle of wine on orders over €65!

6. Shangri-La

These guys can whip up just about anything from Thai to Malaysian to Chinese – whatever your taste buds are asking for.

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7. KOH

If you're a coeliac then this Thai takeaway has options for you.

And it's really good value too.

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