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10th Mar 2018

A Trendy Dublin Restaurant Is Selling The Most Notions Spice Bag You’ll Ever Try


Deep breaths people, deep breaths. The fanciest spice bag in the entire country has just been released and it’s the most notions thing you’ll ever see. 

But Jesus Christ it also looks like the tastiest spice bag in all the land. Created by the uber-cool Hang Dai on Camden Street, this bag of dreams will bring together some of the most decadent herbs and spices known to man from across the world.

Ingredients in the world’s most luxurious spice bag include: 

Golden Lobster Balls, Roast Scallops with Garlic and Squid ink, Dry fried XL Gambas, Black Truffle White Asparagus Spring Rolls, Fried Oysters, Chilli Salt Chicken, Crispy Foie Gras Wantons, Crispy Skin Seabass, Crispy Langoustines in String Pastry. The Spice Bag is crowned with Chilli, Fennel, Kale Sprouts, Trout Caviar and of course, Potato Stars or Chips.

Just LOOK at this luxuriously tasty thing…

Deliveroo Hang Dai 5

Don’t freak out… But it’s a whopper €100.

What else would you expect from a dish that has XL gambas and trout caviar??!

Hang Dai’s Executive Chef Karl Whelan said: “Regardless of luxurious ingredients, it’s how you fuse and marry them that’s so important. We have made sure to work the ingredients in a way that brings out the most incredible flavours. Without completely forgetting it’s humble roots, the World’s Most Luxurious Spice Bag retains the unique taste and mix that people love. I promise, when you taste this Spice Bag, you will never forget it”, he said.

With such “difficult to source ingredients and pain-staking labour, the World’s Most Luxurious Spice Bag is limited edition.”

Hang Dai have teamed up with Deliveroo and the luxury spice bag will be available from the 9th Feb whilst stocks last.

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