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05th Sep 2017

This New Nassau Street Pop-Up Café Is Something You Need To Check Out



It truly is a day for coffee news.

From the much-loved Pumpkin Spice Lattes being back in Starbucks to Bewley’s looking to recruit new staff members for their soon to be re-opened Grafton Street shop, it’s all about coffee today.

Well now you can get the chance to check out the new pop-up café that art and coffee lovers are bound to love.

An exciting Nicholas Mosse pop-up café opened at Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street on Friday and we’re dying to check it out.

The café will be open for the month of September in the Kilkenny flagship store in the city centre.

Not only will you get a great cuppa crafted by expert baristas but you can get them to go in a limited edition takeaway cup that’s inspired by the heritage potters signature designs.

Have a look at the pop-up café in the video below…

Nicolas Mosse Coffee Shop
The cups are so pretty!

Pottery fans will adore the cups that you can take your coffee away in.

Know anybody who’d love this café?

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