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23rd Jul 2017

You Need To Make A Visit To This Adorable Eco-Friendly Coffee Shop


Coffee is the key to our permanently exhausted hearts, so we LOVE when a new spot opens up that’s a li’l bit different to what we’re used to.

The artisan coffee revolution is in full grind, and the latest addition to Dublin’s coffee scene, Beehive Cafe, is absolutely adorable.

A portable coffee shop built around a bike (they strive to be environmentally friendly), Beehive Cafe is situated outside Booterstown Dart Station to keep commuters caffeinated, but we reckon it’s well worth travelling to for their coffee beans alone.

With fresh coffee from a Slovak plantage in Colombia, the beans are 100% Arabica for a smooth and silky coffee, and the owner, who is an expert barista, provides organic Slovakian honey from local producers as a sweetener instead of processed sugar.

Look how cute it is…

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You can stock up on tasty treats too, with a great selection of honey cakes, honey nuggets, and fresh pastries.

The Beehive also sells honey and their coffee beans for home use too, so we’ve a feeling the Slovak farm movement is gonna prove pretty popular with Dubs.

Make this your new morning pick-me-up stop.

This ultra-trendy cafe will be at Rock road, Booterstown park on Monday-Fridays from 7am-10.30am.

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