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17th Sep 2019

Dublin By District: Dublin 4

Alan Fisher

This area has so much to offer.

Dublin 4 consists of Donnybrook, Ballsbridge, Baggot Street Upper, Irishtown, Merrion, Ringsend, Sandymount, and parts of Grand Canal Dock.

It has loads of foodie options so this will be hard to single out a few but let’s give it a go.

Here are the best bits D4 has to offer:

Breakfast: Eathos, Baggot Street Upper

Eating healthy isn’t always easy but Eathos makes is a lot better.

Dive into some of the beautiful pancakes or their insane acai bowls for a healthy breakfast.

Brunch: Angelina’s, Percy Place

The setting is just perfect.

If you are there on a summer day, the outside area is delightful overlooking the canal.

During the winter months you will still get the lovely surroundings, but just from the comfort of the inside.

You’ve got to try the pancakes or a good aul fry.

Lunch: Juniors, Bath Avenue

You won’t get a better lunch spot.

One of their classic sandwiches and soup combos is all you need.

Whether you’re on your lunch from work or out with friends, Juniors is your spot.

Dinner: Bujo, Sandymount

This is honestly the best burger in Dublin.

We went out earlier this year to find the best the city has to offer and this came out on top.

You get that flame-grilled meat here like no other. The burger is perfectly juicy which leaves your mouth watering.

On top of this, the milkshakes are to die for.

Coffee: Annie’s, Grand Canal Dock

Located just around the corner from the Google offices, Annie’s is a little gem.

There are plenty of places to grab a coffee but nothing as sweet as this place.

Drink In: The Bath, Bath Avenue

You won’t find a better place for a pint and general atmosphere.

It’s the perfect spot to meet a mate, after-work drinks and pre and post-match pints.

Ideally, it’s a decent day and you can stand and chat outside.

Takeaway: Base Pizza, Ballsbridge

I know there are plenty of them around but Base Pizza never disappoints.

It is up there with the best pizzas and is perfect on any occasion.

The Diablo with pepperoni, chorizo and chili flakes never fails.

Amenities: Herbert Park

Everyone loves Herbert Park.

Between the markets and different events, there is always a reason to hang out here.

Exercise: Movement, Donnybrook

These areas have loads of options including a range of sports teams.

Movement is a fantastic boot camp-like outdoor session.

They have a few locations including two in D4 and it’s great for every level.

You will feel as fresh as ever after doing a 7 am class.

Date Night: Shelbourne Social, Ballsbridge

A little bit of fine dining here for you from Dylan McGrath’s latest creation.

We checked it out when it first opened and we’ve been talking about it ever since.

We tried the lamb pot with melted cheese over it along with a side of creamy mash potato.

Take a look:

Parks & Beaches: Sandymount Beach

The beauty of this area is that Sandymount has a huge beach. It’s is the perfect place for a stroll with the dogs and to enjoy views of the iconic Poolbeg Towers.

If you want to get even closer, you can head out past Irishtown and walk out past the towers and down to Poolbed Lighthouse.

USP: RDS & Aviva

Two of the biggest venues in Dublin are located in Dublin 4.

Everything from the horse show to football and rugby games to concerts.

You’ve got the pick of them here.