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18th Oct 2021

Had enough PSL’s to last a lifetime? Here are some other delish hot drinks to enjoy this season

Fiona Frawley

I type this as 19 degree heat relentlessly beams through my window and I spritz myself with thermal spring water spray in a desperate attempt to cool down.

But that’s the Irish weather for you. We’ll be pulling on the fluffy socks and hoodies again by tomorrow, no doubt.

Irregular weather conditions aside, we’re all well and truly embracing the autumnal vibes this season. I’m seeing brown and orange wreaths on doors, mini-pumpkin arrangements on mantlepieces and Halloween themed nail art everywhere I turn. And, needless to say, it seems everyone’s been guzzling the pumpkin spicers with gusto. But if you’ve already had your fill for this year and are looking for an alternative warming bev, here are a few tasty ones for you to try:

Tumeric Vanilla Latte from Fallon & Byrne

This one even keeps up the autumnal colour scheme. An instant yes.

Red Velvet from Copper and Straw

This little beauty is made up of vanilla, maple syrup and most importantly, two shots of espresso. It also just looks adorable.

Charcoal Latte from Inhale Coffee Bar

This Shankill drive by spot is doing a latte with actual has anti ageing benefits. Make mine a double says you xox

Maple Blondie from Cabana Cafe

Add a bit of sweetness and spice to your regular coffee with this maple option from Cabana in Balbriggan.

Pink Beet Chai Latte from Póg

This drink is sweet, caffeine free and above all things, Instagrammable.

Would you give any of these a try?

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