Here's Where You Should Get A Tasty Lunch In Town Today: Bread & Bones

Asian grub with a Dublin twist...

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All morning we've had the most unfortunate thought to have on a Wednesday: we think today is Thursday. Ugh. Worst. 

So y'know what? We're gonna treat today like it is Thursday. That means a whopper lunch.

Bread & Bones on Millennium Walkway is a cozy nook to shelter from the grey skies currently ruining all spring vibes right now. 

An Asian street food restaurant, it's a super chilled out spot with steamed bao buns, loaded fries and dumplings. Serving up authentic Asian grub with a Dublin twist, it's fast food done seriously well. 

There's a set lunch for a bargain €8.50, with choices including pork belly sandwich, fried squid or burgers with fries.

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And the interior is all Manga-style cartoons with cool wooden benches

Want a real treat? Get the loaded Kimchi fries. They're an institution here and you need to try them. 

Take that, Hump Day. 

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