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16th Feb 2021

Local dumpling restaurant creates tasty recipe book to fundraise for frontline staff

Sarah Finnan


Founded by owner Emma Luk back in 2019, Double 8 has quickly cemented itself as one of Dubliners’ go-to places when in search of tasty, authentic dumplings. 

Spending much of the past few months firing up the home ovens for want of something fun to do, Emma has been using her free time to get creative in the kitchen – managing to tick one very big thing off the bucket list in the process and putting together her own little recipe book.

Called ‘Little Pocketful of Cook’, it contains 10 quick Asian-inspired recipes – each with step-by-step instructions so you can easily recreate the same thing at home. Jumping at the chance to combine her love of cooking with her passion for helping people, Emma has decided to make the recipe book readily available online with all proceeds (minimum donation is €5) going to St Vincent’s Foundation.

Speaking to Lovin about the cookbook, Emma said that the idea came about as a way to help her fundraise for frontline workers and ICUs who really need the help. Commenting that the recipes were “carefully crafted” to ensure anyone can make them – from novices to more seasoned pros – all ingredients are also locally accessible too.

“I enjoy running, and last year while I founded Double 8, I ran in the Dublin Marathon to raise money for charity. I also love to cook and write recipes. This year, what with a global pandemic and all, fundraising through marathon running isn’t an option but there has been LOTS of time for cooking!”

Simply donate €5 (or more!) and you’ll be emailed a PDF of the handy little recipe book straight after. Couldn’t be easier – get yours here.

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