This Irish Pub Sells Most Expensive Pint On Island Of Ireland Beating Dublin Record

It's much higher than the outrageously priced pints at Oliver St John Gogarty's in Temple Bar

Dublin Pub Pint Feb

If you can't have a good tut at the price of a pint, than you're as well to just forget about having the craic entirely.

And we know, prices of pints reflect not only the drink itself but the staff, the electricity bill, the heating, the carpenters that made the tables, the price of the turf that's in the fire etc, etc.

And we get that, but when you hand in €20 for three pints and you're asked for another bit of change, your head can begin to shake.

As we pointed out before, Oliver St John Gogartys once held the record for the most expensive pint in Dublin and in Ireland as a whole.

It was this price in 2014 and towards the end of 2017, it rose by 60 cent.

But, it has a new competitor in town as it has been announced that the Observatory on the 23rd floor of Hastings' new Grand Central Hotel on Bedford Street in Belfast charges £8 for a pint of draught beer, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Conversions man, conversions!

That works out at €8.94 and we don't know about you but we've never seen a pub charge at a weird-looking price so we'll round it up to €9.

It better be served in a golden chalice for that price and served by Elton John while he serenades you on the piano, wearing a top hat.

Boom is back, lads. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

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