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13th Aug 2021

Six dishes to try in Dublin this weekend

Fiona Frawley

We all know one of the hardest things about going out to eat is choosing what you want.

It’s the ultimate first world problem. I deeply relate, if there was such a person as Saint Indecisive I’d have taken that as my confirmation name. Lucky for you guys, here at Lovin we spend a substantial amount of our days scrolling through Insta looking for the tastiest creations on offer, and I’ve rounded up a few of our top picks so all you’ll have to decide this week is what outfit to wear (I know this is equally difficult but it’s not our gig, so that’ll have to be on you I’m afraid).

1. Tuna Nachos from Ukiyo

We love a bitta fusion food, and Ukiyo never misses.

2. Deep fried mac & cheese from Sienna’s in Malahide

I’m mentally adding this to my death row meal inspo list. Deep fried truffle and parmesan mac & cheese with salami and black pepper dressing. A thing of beauty.

3. Swordfish Caponata from Grano

Just in time for the Irish swordfish season (had no idea that was a thing but there you go), this gorge dish from Grano is inspired by the straits that join Calabria and Sicily.

4. Crispy Ribs from Happy Endings

Slow cooked and crispy with a hot honey glaze. If the pic alone hasn’t sold them I don’t know what will.

5. Vegan Poké from Wigwam

We didn’t forget you, vegan pals. How unreal does this crispy jerk cauli look? A gorge dish with quinoa, avo and all the good stuff.

6. Kimchi Pancakes from Storyboard Cafe

Very intrigued by this curious combo!

Will you be trying any of these delights over the weekend?

Header image via Instagram/Sienna’s Dublin

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