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01st Jul 2021

There’s a deadly new pop up in Dublin serving pints and oysters!

Fiona Frawley

It’s the combo of dreams. A pint of the black stuff paired with fresh Carlingford Oysters.

If you’re that way inclined, get your seafood loving tush down to Parliament Street, where the Blue Oyster has just opened its doors.

A pop-up from the Fish Shack family, Blue Oyster is ideally located for a bitta people watching while you relax with a beer and tasty bowl of shelled goodness. They’ve got dressed and undressed options – you can go for their delish Bloody Mary oysters or keep it simple with an aul squeeze of lemon. And if you’re interested in where your food comes from, they’ve plenty of vids on their insta of the oyster farm on the shores of Carlingford. Even if you’re not into oysters, it’s still pretty stunning to watch.

Parliament Street is now fully pedestrianised on the weekends so there are plenty of benches outside with space for all your pals. This is your sign to head out this weekend and slurp up.

Header image via Instagram/The Blue Oyster

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