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30th Aug 2021

Two of our favourite dishes have become one at this Dublin BBQ spot

Fiona Frawley

You know at the end of Parent Trap when Hallie and Annie finally know true happiness because they’ve gotten their parents back together?

That’s how I feel about the coming together of these two dishes. I never want to see them apart again.

Over the weekend, Pitt Bros unveiled a new side dish that stopped us in our tracks, and it’s only right to give it the platform it deserves. People of Ireland, I present to you mac and cheese nachos. Actually in fairness, Pitt Bros came up with a better name so scrap that last bit.

People of Ireland, I present to you Mack Attack Nachos:

If you’ve had the Pitt Bros mac and cheese before, you’ll know what a heavenly experience it is. Rich and creamy with just the right amount of seasoning, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any of their meaty mains and for myself personally, the thing I’m most excited for whenever I go there. Seeing it served on a bed of nachos topped with cola-glazed brisket for those inclined is next level.

The Georges Street BBQ spot experienced a longer road to reopening than some other pubs and restaurants but in the last couple of weeks they’ve been back with a slow-cooked bang. We can’t wait to get in and try this new creation!

Header image via Instagram/Pitt Bros

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