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05th Apr 2017

23 Gorgeous Bits You Can Buy Right Now At & Other Stories On Grafton Street


We had a long wait for & Other Stories to arrive on our shores but thankfully, the store has not disappointed since it opened its doors on Grafton Street.

Stocking everything from chic fashions to scented candles and stationary, all of the pieces are of amazing quality but still much cheaper than their designer counterparts.

We popped in recently for a browse and here are some of the treats we found…

This amazing leather skirt 

Img 1419

The perfect ruched office dress 

Img 1421

These pretty-as-a-pic candles (€30)

Img 1427

This vibrant blue crossbody (€75)

Img 1428

This geometric print shirt 

Img 1429

This cute floral bag 

Img 1430

These retro sunnies

Img 1433

This patch-detail bag

Img 1434

These glam shades

Img 1435

This super-soft jumper

Img 1437

This beaut turquoise skirt

Img 1445

This elegant notebook

Img 1448

This kitsch phone cover

Img 1449

These red pumps

Img 1466

This classic trench

Img 1451

This polka-dot skirt

Img 1452

This pretty lingerie

Img 1455

This sheer red blouse

Img 1456

These fab notebooks

Img 1457

This cropped denim jacket

Img 1458

This flowing print dress

Img 1462

This eyelet studded top

Img 1470

These Western-inspired mules

Img 1464

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