27 Insanely Deadly Items You Can Buy In Penneys For Less Than A Tenner

By jo

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We all know Penneys is a treasure trove of brilliance – so we sent our fashion girl Jo on a tenner-budget challenge, and here’s what she came up with. 

Even by the shop's remarkable standards, this is pretty incredible – the 27 items you definitely need in your life that won’t cost you more than a tenner.


1. This gorgeous saddle bag for €10

Bargain and a half. 

2. Any of these pumps for €8

We'll take one of each, please. 

3. This super-handy portable charger thingy for €9

You'll be smug as fuck when you have phone battery on tap with this bad boy.

4. ALL of these men's fat pants for optimum lounging, €7 

Did we mention the lounging? 

6. These boots for daytime, €7 ….

7.  … and these heels for night, €7


8. and 9. His and her sunnies, €3 each.

Ray who? 

10. This dickie-bow for imminent Paddy-whackery shenanigans, €2

If that’s the kind of thing you’re in to.

11. These quilted clutches, €10

Very Chanel-esque.

12. Savage workout shorts, €6

13. And a top to match, €10

Splashing out with this one, wha.

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14. This beanie, €3

Mmm. Cosy. 

15. These eye masks for when face needs a hug, €1.50

The BOMB. 

16. 21 Jump Street on DVD, €7 

Channing Tatum, come to us. 

17. PJs for when you’re feeling fancy, €6 

So silky.

18. ... And PJs for when you’re feeling like Batman, €6

19. Plus the pants to match, €8 


20. Every colour t-shirt you could ever want for, €2.50

Come and get em, boys.

21. The very handy rolled-up towel you've always wanted, €6 

How did you live your life without one?

22. This equally handy arm band phone holder, €4

23. This amazing top, €10

This does not look like a Penneys buy.

24. Or this patterned bikini for €8 

For any of you lucky bastards heading off to the sun.

25. This enormous scarf for €8

All that material for eight quid? Sure that's a steal in itself.

26. A slick criss-cross top, €10. 

Definite date night outfit contender.

27. And finally... a tote bag that says what you're thinking, €2


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