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20th Dec 2016

9 Reasons Why Rosedale House Is The Wedding Venue Of Your Dreams


Looking for a glorious country house to get hitched in, but don’t want to spend your whole weekend driving? 

We’ve got just the thing. Rosedale House is perfectly located just 25 minute outside of Dublin near Shankill meaning you – and more importantly your guests – won’t have to take a day off just to get there. 

The extensive grounds have been catered to completely organically since the beginning, and the whopping six acres surrounding the house are home to bees  – meaning, yes, the house boasts its own honey – loads of squirrels and even a pair of woodpeckers! 

So, basically, you’ve the opportunity to have a casual fairytale wedding, on your doorstep with all of your friends. What on Earth are you waiting for?

1. It’s in the vicinity

Located a mere 25 minutes from the city centre, getting married at Rosedale means people don’t have to substitute in travel time, it’s easily accessible by taxi or car, and doesn’t take a whole lot of organisation.

And, it also has the feel of an old-timey country house from out West. Ideal.

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2. It has a whopping guest capacity of 300

Meaning you don’t have to get involved in the politics of wedding invite lists. You have free reign over who you can and can’t squeeze in – eliminating tiffs between you and your spouse-to-be from the get go. 

It’s equally perfect for a more intimate ordeal, stating on its website that the establishment caters for everything you could possibly need, ‘whether you are having 25 or 250’.

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3. It is yours, and only yours

When getting married as Rosedale, you have the option to rent it out entirely for your party. No little kids running in from next door, no secret competition from the shindig going on two doors down and most importantly, no wedding crashers. 

Just you, your mates and your one and only.

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4. It has its own private nightclub

Worried that the band may lose its appeal some time after midnight? Keep the teenagers happy and the golden oldies happier with your very own personal discotheque to keep you going until the early hours.

Plus, with a residence this secluded, nothing is stopping you from dancing the night away. 

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5. The food is incredible

Rosedale provides absolutely everything you could want in terms of food. If the weather is on your side, they cater for enormous barbecues in the garden, as well as lazy brunches, glorious afternoon teas, elegant rehearsal dinners and grand affairs for the big day.

They also have a self-catering service for overnight accommodation, if you’re looking to stay there for a weekend, but don’t want to eat out every time.

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6. You get your own personal couple of wedding co-ordinators

Upon booking with Rosedale House, Aran O’Reilly and Gillian Fallon, themselves a couple, work closely with you both to ensure your wedding day is exactly what you signed up for. 

These two know the ins and outs of Rosedale, and having gone through the process themselves, they’ll know exactly what will work and what won’t.

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7. The photo opportunities are insanely beautiful

From six acres of rolling hills to the beautifully restored 1861 country home, Rosedale house is the perfect backdrop for the wedding photos of your dreams.

And the best part? Absolutely all of it overlooks the iconic Dublin coast.

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8. You get to live like royalty

Rosedale, built in 1861, was originally the summer home of a wealthy Irish family. Since then, it has been owned and lived in by five families, and briefly it was even a hideout for the Irish rebel Dan Breen. Cool, eh?

Since 1987 it has been owned and loved by a Dublin couple, who in 2007 opened it up to the public.  The pair of them have kept its luscious grounds completely organic since the beginning, allowing the original and natural beauty to shine through.

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9. The service is second to none

The staff of Rosedale want to do everything they can to make your wedding the very best it can be. From the get-go, they make you feel like a celebrity, catering to every tiny whim. 

Don’t believe us? Just check out their testimonial page

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