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28th Jul 2017

A Gal Invited Michael D Higgins To Her Wedding And His Official Response Is Amazing


Our love for Michael D. Higgins is genuinely never ending. We’ve fawned over pictures of him with his huge dog, of his chats with a man and a parrot on Salthill Prom, and the snaps of him on a BMX.

Basically, we all know the President of Ireland is an absolute legend.

His soundness has been taken to a whole new level though, after Katie Makk invited Michael D himself to her wedding. Makes sense, we’d love to have him at ours – just think of the speech he’d give <3

And while the majority of heads of state would be waaay too busy to even glance at such an invitation, Katie received a heartwarming official reply from the Office of Secretary General to the President.

The letter reads:

“Dear Katie and Alan, 

“President Higgins has asked me to thank you most sincerely for your kind invitation to attend at the celebration of your wedding on..(blurred)

“Your thoughtfulness in extending the invitation is very much appreciated but the President regrets that, due to the extent of his commitments, it is not possible for him to accept.

The President would like to wish you both every happiness for the future.”


This is too much. Our hearts. They’re overflowing with love for this man.

And Katie, seeing as how Michael D can’t make it, can we come instead?

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