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08th Nov 2022

Calling all Banksy fans – a world tour of their most famous work is coming to Dublin

Katy Thornton

banksy world tour dublin

This is a public service announcement for all the art lovers out there.


We’ll try to get over the fact we’re included in the UK leg of the tour seeing as this is likely to be one of Banksy’s most incredible exhibitions yet. The tour is neither curated or authorised by Banksy, rather the works are on loan from private collectors.

The Banksy World Tour is heading to Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto, Miami, Gothenburg, Chicago, San Francisco, and Sydney.

So what can you expect to see from this Banksy world tour? There’s little to no information, no sneak peeks so far (which is hardly shocking). All we can glean from the website is that the exhibition will present Banksy’s most explosive pieces from across the globe. And if you’re at all familiar with Banksy’s work, which I’m sure most people are, that is really saying something.

No news so far on a potential date (or dates), just that the tour will occur in 2o23. You can pre-register your interest to attend the Dublin Banksy exhibition HERE.

If it’s anything like the Banksy exhibition at the Moco in Amsterdam, I’m in.

Header image via Shutterstock

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