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10th Sep 2018

Chupi Has Just Launched A Brand New Stationary Set To Make Your Desk A Whole Lot Prettier

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

September brings on a wave of organisation.

It seems like all of those years buying back-to-school bits has brought on an annual routine. I crave the smell of a new pencil case, the feeling of opening a clean, blank book – starting afresh.

September is my January tbh, it’s when I start getting my shit together.

(Only takes me nine months.)

Anyone who knows me will know that I can’t cope without my trusty notebook.

I write everything down – tasks, thoughts, goals and doodles. It puts my head in the right place for the day, week, month, year ahead.

Walking in to the office this morning I couldn’t help but beam because I had a brand new book to scribble in.

To top it off, it’s probably the prettiest book I’ve ever had.

This is no Aisling copy book.

Chupi has just launched an incredibly stunning stationary collection.

The notebooks sports the same design as Chupi’s “Made Of Stars” zodiac collection.

The black books have stunning detail with the star patterns for each zodiac sign in gold. You can purchase them as a set with the matching necklaces, which is such a special gift idea.

(Or not as a gift, I’m fully thinking that I’m going to buy the necklace for myself – no shame.)

Inside, the book is completely blank – which I love.

It’s ideal for any bullet journal lovers – you can doodle and scribble all over it without it looking messy.

The dream.

Books on their own come in at €33, and can be found on the site now.

To have a peek for yourself, click here.

I think this will be at the top of a lot of people’s wish list this stationary season!

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