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27th Jul 2019

The Perfect Way To De-Stress And Relax In Dublin Sounds Like Utter Hell

Darragh Berry

We live in a world where switching off just doesn’t seem to be an option. We’re constantly on, our phones are constantly on, we’ve forgotten that the off button exists.

It’s not that we don’t choose to switch off, we just find it very hard to do so.

Work, friends, family, festivals, football, driving, dinner plans, drinking, takeaway, tidying – our life sounds like the end of the ‘Trainspotting‘ movie where Rent Boy is after stealing the money and is heading over the bridge.

And look at the time, it’s 20:30 on Sunday night and you’ve to do it all over again.

It’s no wonder that people get sick so easily or come home in the evenings and just crash. Where’s the recovery button? The recharge button? My WiFi stopped working the last day at home and even that has a reset button, it only takes 15 seconds to reset but you need much longer than that my friend.

You don’t need to wait until that getaway weekend at the end of the month, why not getaway from everything now.

I’m talking about Cryotherapy and it sounds like absolute hell.

Cryotherapy 2

What is it?

When my housemate told me he was getting this done, I honestly thought he was bonkers. He wasn’t doing it off his own back though, he had been recommended to go after sustaining a hamstring injury playing rugby. Sport is ruthless, if you’re not fit, you’re forgotten about so quick but proper recovery is key.

By doing Cryotherapy, you are exposing your whole body to sub-zero temperatures in order to boost circulation, metabolism and your immune system.

Sort of like an ice-bath constructed by your worst enemy who really has your best intentions at heart.

It takes place at South William Clinic & Spa and only lasts for 15 minutes.

The chamber seems like walking into the Tardis in Dr. Who, you didn’t know what was about to go down but you were excited and scared all at the same time.

There is also the option of going into something that looks like an ice-bath if the Tardis type contraption looks too freaky for you.

As well as aiding recovery super fast, it’s actually kind of enjoyable too.

We know the thought of going into something that’s -110° sounds like something that would only relax Satan himself but once you adapt to your surroundings, and you will, it’s something that you could possibly think about doing more often.

Sure isn’t Johnny Sexton smiling away here and that man is already cool as ice when he has to slot a last minute penalty when Ireland are two points down.

Cryotherapy 3

It is mostly used by professional athletes as a means of improving performance and accelerating recovery time but it’s also an ideal way for finally correcting those little niggles that you’ve picked up over the years from constantly going.

It has multiple health benefits – invented in Japan in the late 70s, it was found that being exposed to this coldness would call on the body’s defence and healing mechanisms to come to the fore.

In this time of ‘panic’ for our body, good oxygen and hormones are pumped into the blood and when you leave the chamber, this new “super” blood is being pumped around the body which gives an overall boost.

You are advised to wear shorts, runners and knee length socks heading into the chamber and yeah, it hurts like fuck – even after you get over the adjustment period – but once you come out, you feel like a different person altogether.

It’s not cheap at 85 per session but unless you’re playing midfield for Dublin GAA or you’re facing Peter O’Mahony on a daily basis in training, it’s not something you’re going to be doing every month or even every three months.

But it’s defo worth giving it a go and if you like it, you might just have found your perfect way to destress in Dublin.

Knowing me, I’ll probably just stick to the pints though.

You can find more information here on the South William Spa Website.