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09th Apr 2019

PIC: This Is How Much You Can Save A Year In Dublin By Cycling To Work

Darragh Berry

It’s a well known fact that more and more people are cycling to work.

It’s quicker, you save money on bus fares and the only downside is, you’re probably going to get soaked going to work 200 times of the year.

But, even if you got the bus, unless you were dropped outside your door at work, you’d probably get soaked anyway.

This person decided to start cycling into work in the New Year and in the space of three days, had already saved €13.50 in bus fares and “at least three hours in commuting time.”

The success of the cycling was so good that they’ve decided to keep it on for the rest of the year.

They wondered “How much will I “save” over a year? I’ll have to add it up…”

Well, here’s a rough estimate.

If you get a bus fare to and from work, you’re spending a minimum of at least €4.50 a day (that’s if you have a leap card and are only going as far as 13 stages).

€4.50 x 5 days = €22.50 a week.

€22.50 x 4 weeks = €90 a month.

€90 x 12 months = €1,080 a year.

That’s not a bad lump sum to have saved up at the end of the month.