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03rd Dec 2021

Dublin Flea Market to cease operation at the end of the year

Fiona Frawley

Sad news for rummagers and vintage lovers.

For the past decade, Dublin Flea Market has been a staple of the city’s sustainable landscape.

Sadly, the team behind the market have just confirmed that they’ll cease trading at the end of 2021.

In an emotional post on Insta, the team wrote:

After lots of difficult and emotional discussions, we, the founders and organisers of the Dublin Flea Market, have come to the conclusion that we are not in a position to operate the Dublin Flea Market anymore. Therefore the Dublin Flea Market will officially cease operation at the end of 2021.

The decision is the result of the “red tape and rocketing rents of the ever difficult Dublin City”, all of which makes it increasingly difficult for cultural spaces to exist and flourish. The Dublin Flea team wrote:

Cultural spaces are at an all time low and buildings are still being demolished to make way for more hotels and overpriced office blocks. The reality of the pandemic also played its part and the shift in focus and energy that brought many of us to exodus the constricting confines of the city walls.

Despite the fact that they’ll be moving on, the Dublin Flea team remain optimistic for the cultural heart of Dublin, and hope the new generation of creatives in the city will be offered a chance to keep it beating:

Although the flea is closing we really hope that the new energy that is out there, in the new generations of young people, artists, creatives and communities can be seen and heard by the powers that be. It is essential that this energy is nurtured and encouraged so that it can contribute and enrich the landscape of Dublin’s neighbourhoods.

If you want to get in for one last rummage, make sure to hit them up before the end of December.

Header image via Instagram/dublinflea

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