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Here Are The 13 Best Bits For Under €15 In Penneys Right Now

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

September 19, 2017 at 2:02pm


There's no denying that we all LOVE a good Penneys haul. You pop in for a pair of socks and come out with more bags than you can carry. (We've all been there) 

Right now there are some awesome items for sale and as much as we'd like to keep these bargains to ourselves, it would be rude of us not to share them with you all. 

Here are some of the best bits we found for under €15!

1. Copper Mugs

Any homeware lover will definitely appreciate these! These copper mugs are so gorgeous we can't see ourselves drinking out of any other cup again.

At just €5 they are an absolute steal, we'll take them all please!

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21886563 10214374233574184 1372538235 O

2. Stationery

Sure you can't go back to college or work this week without some brand new stationary, aye?

These journals are so stunning and super trendy. They will definitely spur you on to stay organised during the week. 


21845624 10214374247534533 1225367125 O
21875692 10214374247454531 389540869 O

They even have a rose gold stapler for €8. 


21845619 10214374247054521 847984581 O

3. Winter Boots

Summer may be over but there's no reason to be sad because it's boot season again and Penneys are winning the winter boot game for sure.

These boots are perfect for dressing up or just keeping it casual and trendy. 

We adore these velvet heeled boots that only cost €17!

21875639 10214374221573884 684760848 O

Floral vibes are in, and we are all over it. 

These embroidered beauties are only €19!

21868011 10214374221173874 972818307 O

4. Trendy Bags

Nothing says "I've done a good Penneys haul" like adding a bag to the mix. From clutches to satchels, Pennneys has always got you covered. 

We are smitten with this little pink bag pack for €12. 

21844309 10214374214733713 1319143957 O
21844297 10214374213773689 1483116614 O

We adore this embellished bag, perfect for a classy night on the town. 

21844120 10214374220413855 269211360 O
21845645 10214374220893867 1387872342 O

5. This Bath and Shower Mat

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid princess? Well, this bath and shower mat is giving us those exact vibes and we love it. 

These golden shells act as the perfect grip to prevent you from slipping the the shower and bath, and they look great too. 

Give us golden everything, we want it all.

21868260 10214374232974169 1450712519 O

6. Skincare

Times are getting stressful, there's no denying it, so it's important to take some time out to chill. What better way to do so than to make yourself a face mask! 

Penneys have created this face mask kit for only €2.50 and we adore it. 

Glossy faces here we come!

21868133 10214374241054371 1595961698 O

If you want to get right into those pores, this facial cleansing brush is available for €1.50.

You're skin will never look better.

21868384 10214374213453681 1600951307 O 2

If you want to take a step even further, they even have a light up mirror for €15.

As if we didn't have enough reasons to look at ourselves, aye?

21844314 10214374213253676 1712278857 O

7. Dreamy Pyjamas

It's a known fact that you cant go in to Penneys without picking up a fresh pair of pyjamas. Every time we go in they just seem to get better and better!

We are in love with this floral two piece.

-Top: €9

-Bottoms: €8

21845384 10214374222613910 1392411960 O
21845722 10214374222093897 2035377648 O

These pj shorts are giving us serious Beetlejuice vibes and we are obsessed.

21845618 10214374221893892 503261582 O

8. Glam Cushions

If you're anything like us you cannot resist a good cushion. These beauties will make any bed or couch look a million dollars. 

They are so shiny! 

21868253 10214374239054321 356990841 O
21845736 10214374239214325 1686385126 O

9. Shoe Size Adjuster

This is one of the wackier finds from our haul. 

Penneys are known for bringing out nifty little inventions and this one should be on everyone's shopping list - the shoe size adjuster!

There's often a time when you buy a pair of shoes that turn out to be a little more roomie than you had expected, or maybe you want to borrow a pair of shoes from your friend who's feet are slightly bigger than yours. Well this is no longer a problem, thanks to our dearly beloved, Penneys. 

These shoe size adjusters fit right into the top of your shoe to fill out any spaces. They are also great for stopping your foot from sliding in heels.

For €1.50, you'd be mad not to! 

21868047 10214374231574134 780140524 O

10. Lightbox

This is one of the coolest items we have seen in the Penneys Homeware section. This Lightbox will allow you to write whatever you want and send whatever message you want.

There are endless possibilities, what would you write?

21868025 10214374239134323 1249096179 O

11. This Selfie-tastic Phone Case

We all love a good selfie, but sometimes the front flash on Snapchat just isn't complimentary enough. This case will provide you with the perfect selfie light, what more could you want!

The case is also pink so it will add to your glam aesthetic.

21886720 10214374247014520 2026300346 O

12. A Hooded Throw

The nights are getting colder and sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a cosy blanket and a spice bag. This hooded throw for €16 will be the perfect addition to this kind of evening.

It's super soft and the hood will keep your ears nice and toasty, yay! 

21886662 10214374234414205 112330622 O

13. Winter Woolies

Penneys is the best place for wooly jumpers, there's no denying it. We are absolutely smitten with these heavy knit grey and black jumpers for €16. 

They are cosy and trendy so you're on to a winner.

21868386 10214374248854566 10335231 O
21845627 10214374248174549 1102919085 O

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