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20th Dec 2016

No Membership Required – 9 Gruelling But Brilliant Drop-In Workouts In The City Right Now


You don’t need a gym membership to try out some of the best fitness classes the city has to offer – and, even if you do, you might want to venture outside your comfort zone to try something a little bit different. 

From boxing to CrossFit, swimming lessons to cardio dance, there’s a wide array of options, no matter what your fitness levels – or which side of the city you live on.

1. CrossFit, Dublin 2

Drop into CrossFit Perpetua on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay and, in the great tradition of this competitive sport – a combination of high-intensity interval training, Olympic lifting and calasthenics – you can slip into on one of the classes on their intensive schedule for €25. 

The catch? You need six months’ CrossFit experience. For beginners, you need to commit to 15-20 sessions before you’ll be allowed to drop into a regular CrossFit class so some commitment is required. But it’ll be worth it if you end up looking like this…

2. Strong (Wo)Man, Smithfield

At Lift Training Studios in Smithfield, the emphasis is on – you guess it – lifting, with classes including Strong (Wo)Man, HIIT Lifting and Ultimate Body Conditioning. Yep, you’ll lift weights, but only as heavy as you’re able, and classes are tailored to suit all levels.

You’ll sweat (buckets) and you’ll be dead on your feet the next day, but it’ll be worth it for all the Instagrams you get to tag with #DOMS.

You can buy a 10-class pass for €130, but we have it on good authority that Niamh at Lift is happy for beginners to drop in and try a class for free. Sound.

3. FLYE Ryde, multiple locations

Or, in fact, any classes in one of FlyeFit‘s Dublin gyms – Baggot St, Georges St, Macken St, Ranelagh, Swords, South Circular Road and (from September) Dundrum – for just €9. Rockin’ Rebound is a serious laugh – and a total sweat-fest – and FLYE Ryde, taking place on wobbly bikes that swerve left and right, is a lesson in serious endurance.

We also like Fight Club, for the kick-ass feeling you get afterwards.

4. Boxing, Dublin 8

At Beau Jacks Boxing, all classes tend to be drop-in, and at €10 a pop we can see why. You’ll burn some serious calories with a combo of high intensity intervals and boxing drills, and feel seriously badass while you’re at it. Classes at 7.30am and 6.00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 10am Saturdays.

5. Bikram Yoga, Fairview

Fancy getting your stretch on in a heated room? If you’ve never tried Bikram before, drop into Bikram Fairview for €18 and give it a go – you’ll go through a series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises in a room that’s heated to around 40C and, believe us, by the end of the class you won’t be able to hold your foot in your hand. Serious sweat-fest. 

It may sound gross, but your head will feel super clear, and joints super limber, afterwards. (Warning: wear as little as possible.)

6. Clubbercise, Temple Bar

At Clubbercise with JP, you’ll do a dance workout in a darkened room to 90s tunes with glo-sticks. Yes, really – it couldn’t be more fun if it tried. Classes are €10 a pop, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Pics or it never happened.

Carlton Fresh Prince Gif

7. Boogie Bounce, multiple locations

You’ll laugh really hard during this mini trampoline fitness class, where you’ll essentially bounce up and down doing Jane Fonda moves to pop music with a dance beat. You know what else you’ll do? 

You’ll sweat until you think you might die from sweating. It’s suitable for beginners, but we will say this: bring a towel and bring a bottle of water. Or two.

8. King of the Mountain, Pearse St

Try one of Andy Kenny Fitness’ drop-in spin classes, from 20 to 90 minutes per session, with prices starting at €5 for a lunchtime spin class, which is pretty much the lowest you’ll pay for a spin class in the city.

You can book your slot online, choosing from a huge range of times and class lengths. We dare you to try a two-hour spin class – y’know, for the laugh.

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9. TRX suspension training, Fairview

Drop in to Fit Studios for €10 a go (or €5 on a Friday evening), and try out one of their renowned TRX classes – from circuit training to combination TRX and kettlebell classes or high intensity TRX training. 

If you look it up online, TRX looks grand – you’re using your own body weight and pulling yourself up and down using the TRX system – but believe us, this is tough stuff. You will seriously work your muscles, and it’s suitable for all abilities because the exercises can be varied to get slightly tougher and slightly easier, depending on what you’re able for.