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09th Jul 2018

I Tried Out Gym+Coffee Clothing

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

I adore trying out new things, especially if they’re from an Irish company.

Tried and Tested is a series created to give you an insight into a product, how it looks, what my thoughts on it are. It’s an opportunity to learn a little more about a product you might be interested in buying yourself.

Last week I finally got my hands on a zippy and a pair of gym leggings from Gym+Coffee. My whole family are obsessed with this brand and they all own something or other from it. I felt left out so decided to join the trend.

What’s the suss?

Gym+Coffee is an Irish brand that have only been around for 18 months. The clothing range was created to match a lifestyle choice that many people in Ireland have adapted as of late.

People were getting up and out, exercising regularly and cafés were the new go-to, hang out spot.

Thus, Gym+Coffee was born.

A clothing range designed to accommodate for and to match this way of life.

What’s it like?

I received a grey fleck zippy and black leggings.

The zippy was super comfy. It’s pretty thick fabric so it’s cosy but was still appropriate in warm weather. It has zips on the pockets to keep your phone safe when you’re prancing around and holes in the sleeves for extra heat.

It’s really well made and the branding is slick.

As soon as I put a picture on my Instagram account I had so many people writing to me about it, admiring and praising my new zippy.

I ordered it in a size S, looking back I probably should have gone for a M because I’m super lanky and I like my jackets to be slightly bigger but I still really like it.

The leggings were really light-weight but again, a S was a little short my my long limbs. They were comfy as hell and I loved the texture.

I know both the hoodie and pants will be my go-to comfy clothing.

Where can you buy it?

Gym+Coffee sells online mostly but they’ve recently just opened a pop-up in Dundrum Town Centre.

You can check out their website by clicking here.

They have a wide range of products and colours on offer.

I adore the brightly coloured zippys, I’ll deffo be making another purchase to get a pink or green one.

If you’re like me and you’re unsure about what size you are, it might be a great idea to pop into the shop and try it on first.

Fun times.

I know any time I’m heading out for a walk my first choice will be my new zippy.

You can really see the difference in quality between that and my worn out cotton zippy I bought in Penneys a while back.

It’s a deadly brand that’s keeping up with the trends of Irish people today.

Thumbs up from me.

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