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This Is How Often We Should Actually Be Showering

By Alana Laverty

May 21, 2019 at 8:51am


We're huge fans of general hygiene here in Lovin Dublin.

So when we heard this one we weren't entirely convinced.

Because apparently a study has found that showering as infrequently as possible is better for you. And some are even encouraging us to cut out showering all together?!



There's growing evidence that suggests our thorough 21st century cleansing rituals are actually damaging the human microbiome – a collection of bacteria, archeae, viruses and microbes living in and on our bodies.

Each of which are critical to good health, without them our immune systems, digestions and heart functions would fail.

According to IFLScience:

A study of the people of Yanomami village in the Amazon, who had "no documented previous contact with Western people" found their skin, mouths, and feces hosted the richest complement of bacteria in any human population examined until that point — a complement that included antibiotic-resistant species, despite no known contact with antibiotics.

Which can only be a good thing really...

So maybe it's time to take a leaf out of the book of the Yanomami people and stop showering altogether!

Maybe, maybe not.

Researchers say showering right is more important than showering often. Using harsh soaps can strip your skin and hair of essential oils and barriers, as can super hot water – as much as we all enjoy it.

So give a lukewarm shower a go with some natural products and protect your bod.

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