How To Not Go Dogging In Dublin – A Guide

By rosemary

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We totally get that some people enjoy dogging – the act of, er, doing the act while being watched by other people – but other people enjoy it a lot less, and can sometimes find themselves engaging in it without meaning to.

It's like this: you hop into your car with someone you want to make out with (so retro! so exciting!) and head to the location of your choice to shift voraciously without interruption. 

But then something happens – a rogue window open, or a knee against a headlamp, and you're accidentally signalling to the world that you want an audience. Here's how not to attract the wrong – or any – crowd.

Don't flash your headlights

What you're essentially asking is: are there any doggers nearby? And you probably don't wanna know the answer...

Turn off the light

Maybe you have your interior light on so you can see what's what, or because you're taking a quick break to read a chapter of your book – but be warned, to other doggers, that means "we want to be watched."

Keep that window up...

...because if it's down, what you're saying is: touching and fondling? Fine. Come on over! Touch away.

...The WHOLE way up

Because a halfway-open window means you're offering oral sex.

And lock your doors, too

An open door = full sex. No half-measures here.

On second thoughts? Just stay home

It's better for the environment – no pesky carbon emissions – and, unless your flatmates are incredibly rude, you're pretty much guaranteed not to be interrupted.