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30th Jun 2017

LOVINLEAN: How To Do A Perfect Goblet Squat And The Importance Of Consistency


As we filled you in last week,  we’ve teamed up with trainer Sam McGuinness to offer you some expert advice on maximising your workout ahead of the summer season.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a gym addict, there’ll be something for you as our three Lovin Media Group guinea pigs take on a six-week programme.

You can join them by following their regime (which you’ll find here) and each week, they’ll be asking Sam all the questions that are running through your mind.

How do I find the motivation to keep going? When will I see results? What’s a new but exciting addition to my gym routine?

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This week, the team were learning the ins and outs of a goblet squat. 

Step 1: Stand holding a dumbbell close to your chest. This will be your starting position.

Step 2: Squat down until your hamstrings are parallel to the floor and your elbows touch your thighs.

Tip: Keep your chest and head up and your back straight.

Step 3: Pause at the bottom

Step 4: Return to the starting position and repeat

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Almost at the end of their training, how are the team finding these last few crucial weeks?

“Moving into the second last week of our fitness journey and we’re starting to feel the burn. Two things we have taken away from this week’s session is that one, you can gym as much as you want but if you’re not being consistent with your training you’re not going to see any major changes, and two, boxing is the BEST.”

They’re really beginning to see results of their training now:

“Five weeks in and we’ve found that our legs and our arms are looking seriously lean and we’re in awe of ourselves. Being consistent with weight training and gradually increasing your weight as you go along can be frustrating. If you’re eager for that summer bod (like some of us) you’ll want to skip right on to the heavy stuff and see results like… that evening.

Well guess again, it ain’t that simple. We had started off with low weights and gradually moved them up. And in week five we’ve finally seen why and the results have been amazing! One thing to take from this is to be patient. And those muscles will be poppin’ in no time.”

Their top tips for seeing results:

  • Be consistent in your workouts
  • Gradually increase your weights
  • Boxing is a great way to get your mates involved

Has the team’s motivation rubbed off on you? Let us know what you think about their progress in the comments!