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20th Apr 2018

PICS: Some Lad Somersaulted Into The Canal At The Barge Last Night And The Craic Was Ninety


Didn’t make it out to the canal for a few beers last night? That makes two of us. 

Looks like half the city of Dublin descended upon the popular watering hole last night for a warm spring evening of cheap cans and laughing at that one lad who brought a guitar. Someone always brings a guitar.

While the other half of the city flocked to the rooftop bars in town, it looks like the canal crew had the right idea. 

The craic looked mighty. We’ve got FOMO. You should too.

A birds eye view shows that everyone and their granny was out at The Barge last night…

People were spread along the whole stretch of the canal…

Not a hope of getting a seat but when the weather’s like this who cares?

And yeah… Some lad jumped in. There’s always one.

We hope he’s doing okay too. That water sure ain’t the cleanest…

See yiz down there at 5pm?

Just remember… Put your empty cans and rubbish in the bin, yeah? No one wants a repeat of this: These Pictures Show The Disgraceful State That The Canal Was Left In This Weekend

Header image: @DylanTeeBH/@Rawdublin

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