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05th Jul 2019

PICS: These Beautiful Photographs Of Dublin In The ’60s Will Fill You With Nostalgia


Dublin in the 1960 was a much different place to how it is now.

Beatlemania swept the city, dance halls were what Tinder is now, and no gal would be seen out without her hair in a Jackie O bouffant. Moore Street was a bustling hub and the Adelphi Cinema was the spot to be at the weekends.

Oh, and if you missed the bus you could always hitch a lift from a horse ‘n’ cart.

These gorgeous colour photos of Dublin life in the 60s from Earth in the Past have us all imagining what our lives would have been if we were gracing the town back then.

Have a flashback to what the city was like fifty-odd years ago…

Dublin In The 1960S 18
Dublin In The 1960S 6
Dublin In The 1960S 11
Dublin In The 1960S 22
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0008615B 642
0008615A 642
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What do you think looks better, the pretty pastel old Dublin, or the new shiny and modern city we live in today?