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21st Aug 2017

Transform Any Dingy Bedroom On The Cheap With These 5 Quirky Dublin Shops


With Leaving Cert results behind them, students across the country are feverishly awaiting CAO offers that will determine where they end up come September. 

Whether you get your first or fourth choice, moving to college can be overwhelming and stressful, particularly as you’re faced with a new environment and new people all at once. 

It’s no secret that college accommodation can leave a lot to be desired, so give the place a splash of life with interior decorations from some of Dublin’s coolest spots. 

Long said goodbye to college but still on a budget? These shops are perfect for sourcing some great interior decor on a budget.

Tiger (Flying Tiger) 

If you haven’t bought something in Tiger before, your impulse control is clearly just too strong. Like scarily strong. 

Tiger is the home of the quirky, cute and trivial – and just happens to be the perfect place to pick up a few bedroom furnishings. 

Hang multi-coloured buntings over your bed, invest in some quirky picture frames or fill the place with exotic fake plants (forget to water them and they won’t die – RESULT!). 

Their stores have something for everyone and are competitively cheap. Sure what more could you want? 

Tower Records

Music lovers, get down to Tower Records and adorn your new bedroom with prints of all your favourite artists. Whether it’s the Beatles, Bon Jovi or Bieber you’re after, this place is likely to have posters of them all. 

If you’re old-school enough to own a record player, pick up some vinyl too. Your new friends will either think you’re the coolest one on the course or assume you’re taking on big city notions. 

Either way, your room will be looking great. 

Located on Dawson Street, Dublin 2. 

Siam Su, George’s Street Arcade

Head down to the arcade for decor that’ll make it look like you were trekking through Thailand all summer, not pulling pints in the local pub. 

Siam Su is the oriental stall located in the centre aisle of the arcade and features a host of Thai-style goods. 

Pick up an ornate tapestry to hang on your wall or purchase a tropical picture frame, with shells and flowers adding a nice 3D touch. 

Add some incense to your room for maximum effect and relax in your new oriental fortress. 

Find, Temple Bar

Where would you find such unusual pieces other than Dublin’s own tourist trap, Temple Bar? 

Located on Cow’s Lane, this place has some seriously cool stuff that could turn even the dingiest college bedroom into a crib worthy of MTV fame. 

Cheap and cheerful options include an origami map of the world lampshade and a range of gorgeous vintage prints. They even sell colourful “chalk paint”, so you can up-cycle even the ugliest furniture. 

If you have money to spare, consider one of many neon signs in stock. They have the classic arrow, an “on air” sign straight from a radio station and a light-up “bar” sign. Unfortunately prices all exceed €100, so aren’t very student-friendly. 

If you can’t call in, you can also order here.


Arnotts’ online store has a huge choice of furnishings and will add a touch of class to your new surrounds. 

Though it won’t be the cheapest option out there, you’ll find beautiful and intricate mirrors, frames and fixtures. 

They’re also stocking some extremely cute stationary that’ll even make you want to take notes in lectures. 

Sure, what’s the SUSI grant for anyway? 

Like Find, you can order online and save yourself the hassle of calling into the shop. 

So no matter where your CAO offer puts you, you’ll be able to create a home away from home. 

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