PICS: This Mega Mansion Is Now For Sale On Ireland's Most Expensive Road

You're gonna wanna see this one...

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It was today announced that Temple Road in Darty, Dublin 6 is officially Ireland's most expensive road. 

And we just happened to come across this gorge mega mansion on that very road. 

Say hello to Ellington

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Screen Shot 2017 01 15 At 13 59 31

Named after Duke Ellington, the renowned American jazz composer and bandleader, the house is heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century.  


The look and feel of the home perfectly complements the style of the adjoining choir building in the leafy grounds of the neighbouring St Philip’s Church, which is also on Temple Road.

The five bedroom house couldn't be more safe or secure, sitting behind cast iron railings on granite plinths, and features two separate electric security gates made from cast iron. 

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The house superb westerly rear orientation, so the back garden is bathed in sun during the long summer evenings.

Every room has smart electrics and zoned underfloor heating, and with concrete floors throughout, energy efficiency and excellent sound insulation is guaranteed.

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The only down side? It'll set you back €2.3 million :( not ideal. 

Check out the full listing here

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