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16th Aug 2018

An Honest Review On Dripping Gold Tan

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

There’s nothing better than having a tan.

This summer has been pretty hectic. I haven’t been one of the lucky ones who got a few weeks in the sun, so I have to fake it till I make it right now.

Thing is, when it comes to tan – I’m pretty stumped. I never know which one to buy, which shade I am etc. I’m not going to lie, because of this, I’ve strayed away from wearing overnight tans and I’ve been sticking to good ‘ol Sally Hansen.

A few weeks back I got a spray tan for my sistar’s wedding and I was so happy with it. It was different from my usual, that I’d only wear for one night and I enjoyed having a glow.

So I decided to try a new tan.

It was time to jump on the bandwagon that all of my friends have been obsessed with. There’s no better time to review something than on the very first go, so it was the perfect fit for Tried And Tested.

I decided to go with a tan that’s had a mixed bag of reviews – Dripping Gold.

Dripping Gold is the tan created by Irish blogger, Suzanne Jackson.

Suzanne is not someone I follow online, although I do know a bit about her, of course. I’ve tried her contour palette before and I thought it was good so I was interested to see if her tan could convert me.

I’m a person who’s always in a hurry and never has ‘time’ to do tan the night before… a.k.a I’m a lazy b*tch with beauty routines.

Time to tan it up!

First Impressions:

Trying a product that’s had some bad reviews is pretty interesting. I couldn’t help but have a slightly pessimistic idea of what it would be like.

The bottle itself was the first thing to impress me, it’s pretty slick – nice branding, clear directions and a good pump.

I opted for the Ultra Dark mousse. On the bottle it recommended to use the night before for the best results. Typical me, I was too busy to do it the night before but to my delight it also labelled itself as “ready to wear”.

I applied in the morning and I let it dry for about 30 minutes before dressing. That evening, I showered so that I’d hopefully get the result I was looking for.

What’s It Like?

The pump on this bottle is really good. I know you’re thinking “why the hell would we care about the pump”, but it was very clean, never leaked on my counter (key!) and dispensed the perfect amount of tan to my glove each time.

The bottle recommends to exfoliate before use and not to moisturise, so I followed these guidelines.

In terms of the tan itself, It was pretty easy to apply. It did take a good two or three goes to make the areas look even and it was a tiny bit sticky for the first few minutes, but I’m sure most tans are like that.

The mousse was quite dark in colour, very spongy. Some of the liquid from it did leak into my glove and onto my hand but I quickly rubbed it off before it stained.

As soon as I applied it I could see the deep, gold tones of the tan on my legs. It’s pretty cool to see a tan with a gold complexion without it being tacky and glittery.

It didn’t smell when I was putting it on but I did smell tan during the day. That being said, I applied the tan that morning, so once I had showered it didn’t smell as strongly.

Part of the reason I decided to apply in the morning was so I could see how it gradually got darker on the skin during the day. Each time I looked down at my arms I could see them getting darker. It was a really lovely complexion though, which did impress me.

During the day I caught got in a heavy rain storm, luckily my tan stayed in tact – no blotchiness, no streaks. The tan did however, run onto my white top pretty badly (I doubt it would have been as bad if I had showered that morning) and stained it.

I showered that evening and I have to say, I really liked like colour and complexion. It wasn’t to dark, it looked natural and it didn’t smell.


Overall, this tan impressed me more than I expected to.

I got loads of compliments on it, everyone straight away asked what tan it was and I felt great wearing it when I usually feel a bit uncomfortable in tan.

Next time, I’ll deffo put it on the night before and stop being so lazy because I can tell that it makes a difference. The tan can be worn immediately but I think it works better as a gradual thing.

It’s a bit pricier than the likes of Coca Brown, Sally Hansen, bBold etc. so that would maybe be the thing to stop me buying it again on a quick run to the shops. I feel like I’d only get it for special occasions or when I want to treat myself. That’s just me though, I’m someone who tries not to spend too much money on beauty products.

I did really like it however, so I guess it depends what I’m buying tan for… Coppers? Gimme the cheap. Holidays or a ball? I’d probably buy it.

Where To Get It:

The Ultra Dark Mousse costs €23.95 and you can get it online by clicking here.

Is there something in particular you;’d like me to review?

Leave it in the comments below, I love to hear from ye’s!

Header Image: @Sosueme_ie @drippinggoldbeauty