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02nd Jul 2017

This Is The Worst Word You Can Use When Arguing With Your Partner


We all know that saying the wrong thing at the wrong time during an argument can be the difference between peace on earth and the beginning of World War 3.

Every couple have their own triggers but psychologists have also identified some keywords that you should definitely avoid if you want to avoid a major blow-out.

According to The Huffington Post, you should avoid using the word ‘never’ during an argument as it “creates a sense of finality which leaves no room for further discussion”.

Psychologist Andra Brosh explained that it’s also “a way of shutting your partner out while leaving them feeling hopeless” and advised using terms such as “I feel you don’t” instead.

Other terms that you should put on your block list include “I think you need to calm down”, “I’ll just do it myself” and “I hate it when you do that”.

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