UK friends flew to Dublin for less than 24 hours for a night out without booking hotel


October 30, 2023 at 1:04pm


That's one way to avoid the huge hotel costs in this city.

A group of friends spent £30 jetting to Dublin for a night of raving before flying home the next morning – without even booking a hotel.

Ben Jacobs, 20, and his two friends, Evie, 20 and Rosie, 18, spontaneously decided they fancied a night out in Dublin while on their lunch break. The trio proceeded to purchase £30 Ryanair flights, boarding at Gatwick Airport, and they landed in Dublin at 8:30pm.

As all tourists tend to do, they headed straight for the biggest visitor trap in the city; Temple Bar.

With Ireland playing in the Rugby World Cup, the trio soaked up the “immaculate vibes” as the drinks began to flow in The Temple Bar Pub.


After a few hours of bar hopping and watching the Rugby World Cup, they danced the night away at The Academy club, before heading back to Dublin airport at 4:30am, following a quick kebab pitstop.

“I’d 100% do it again – it’s very doable.”

The three landed back in the UK at 7:45am, and were back in bed at 10am.

Ben said the following of the venture, which took less than 24 hours in total and allowed the group to avoid paying those huge hotel bills that Dublin is unfortunately known for.


“If I could do that every time I go out, I would.

“People were so nice, the general vibe in the town, the club, dance-floor.

“It was immaculate, it was absolutely perfect.

“I’d 100% do it again – it’s very doable.”

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