Snap Happy! 10 Of The Coolest Wedding Photographers In Ireland Right Now

Preparing for your wedding day? Here's who should be taking those prized pictures

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If you’re knee-deep in wedding prep at the moment, you’ll probably have come across this oft-repeated advice: scrimp on anything except your photography.

I really have to reiterate that advice here.

When the sun has set on your wedding day, with your dress or suit in a ball in the corner, all you’ll have are those pictures. Okay and memories, but memories can only conjure your perspective of the day.

These nine photographers selected are best around. No stiff portraits or cheesy shots from them. Nope, these guys create amazing documentary-style wedding stories that are works of art in themselves.

1. Memento Photography

Based in Dun Laoghaire, Derek travels all around Ireland and beyond shooting weddings

He loves what he does, and it shines through in the brilliant photos he takes. Derek snapped my own nuptials (yep, that’s me!) with a documentary approach, taking time to capture all those little moments from prep, to ceremony, to portraits – the latter he took in the lashing rain without even a word of complaint.

What a pro.


2. Rubistyle

Amy French from Rubistyle is well known as being one of the best wedding snappers in the country, and after quick look (or, as we call it in wedding terms ‘an obsessed creep of every single album’) at her blog you’ll see why. 

Amy prides herself on a relaxed, creative approach – “It’s a wedding, not a photo shoot,” she says. “But I will make the most of the time we do have together and make some magic for you.” 

Based in Westmeath, she snaps all over Ireland and internationally.


3. Paula Gillespie Photography

As a lover of all things retro and vintage, I fell in love with Paula’s dreamy style of photography. Her use of light, landscape and colour, and the grading she applies in post, makes for some gorgeous images. 

Paula, who photographs all over Ireland and internationally, describes herself as an ‘alternative’ wedding photographer so if you’re after a quirky, creative take on your day, she’s your lady.


4. Gather and Tides

Aptly, Tim and Gillian are a husband and wife photography duo (that’s two perspectives of your day for the price of one!) who are passionate about weddings.

Describing themselves as ‘photographers and storytellers’, the way they use their eyes and lenses to create wedding stories that unfold beautifully is nothing short of magic. 

As the Northern Ireland-based pair have kids, travelling internationally isn’t always possible, but they will consider it.


5. Pawel Bebenca Photography

What has always struck me about Pawel’s images is the atmosphere and emotion he manages to capture. 

I spent many months trawling through his glorious wedding galleries – in fact I still do – literally gasping (I’m a dramatic sort) at the moody, arty portraits he pulls off. 

“I will paint the whole picture of your day and chronicle all of those hidden or forgotten fragments in a natural, honest way,” he says on his blog. “I aim to tell a tale and to document, to capture unique scenes, idiosyncrasies and emotion.” 

He’s really something else, this fella.


6. This Modern Love

If you spend most of your days on wedding blogs you’ll have seen the name This Modern Love come up heaps of time. And with good reason; as a wedding photo aficionado (read: freak) I would describe their work as disgustingly good. 

Couple Tim and Claire have made wedding photography cool – from the arty couple shots, to the unusual details and unexpected juxtapositions. 

Based in Belfast, they shoot all over Ireland and Europe.


7. Darek Novak

I have a passion for capturing the day as it happens,” says Sligo-based snapper Darek. “Not through fake poses. I take an informal and almost reality-based approach to photographing your special day so you can always remember it exactly as it was. As if you were there as a guest at your own wedding.” 

And that, in a nutshell, is exactly what you want from your wedding photographer. 

Darek photographs all around the country and is open to shooting around Europe.


8. Savo Photography

As fine art photographers, husband and wife team Eric and Siobhan (Eric snaps, Siobhan makes the albums) are obviously gonna deliver something special.

Their skill in evoking atmosphere and emotion, and their use of light and shade, makes for shots so unreal that you’ll be buying another mantelpiece just to show them off.


9. The Campbells

The first thing you think when you look at The Campbells style of photography is FUN! 

These guys have a knack for taking vibrant, quirky shots that capture the emotion of the day. 

The Campbells are another photography maestro couple –  Neal is an Antrim man and Kristi is an LA girl – and together they've cooked up something pretty special.

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10. Studio Brown

Natural and elegant, Studio Brown knows how to capture a moment effortlessly and like no other. 

Specialising in soft pastels and dreamy colour schemes, her photographs are almost dreamlike, and show you a side of the day that you never thought existed!

She also has a knack for making you feel like the most important people in the world - a skill most photographers would kill for.

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