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Here's What Your Choice Of Dublin Nightclub Says About You

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

October 3, 2017 at 10:20am


Dublin pub and club goers are damn predictable at Christmas.

We tend to go out to places that match our style, or at least the style we wish to portray.

We've created a list of some of the most popular pubs and clubs in Dublin and we bet that we can describe you down to a tee based on your choice.

1. Coppers

Ah Coppers, sure there's no place like it.

If Coppers is your nightclub of choice you're probably a culchie who loves GAA. You're a definite jersey puller and you love cheesy tunes.

You're often found calling everyone in the group to the bar for shots and dancing with the cleaners as they try get by crowded areas. You'll complain about the price of the drinks every time you go but you'll always hash out on a few Jägerbombs while you're there.

Yourself and your mates will be singing Fairytale Of New York and all the tunes before the night is up.

A chicken fillet roll is your hangover food of choice for the morning after.

2. Workmans

Ah you little hipster you.

You're a big music head who can't stand the tunes in the other Dublin clubs. You are big into your style and probably have a beard, a few piercings and tattoos. (Deffo a scene-kid back in the day)

Your drink of choice is usually whiskey and coke or a bottle of Corona.

3. Dicey's Garden

Looking for a cheap night out? Diceys is key.

After heavily debating with your mates on where to head out, you all came to agreement on the €2 drinks deals in Diceys. You probably got fairly dressed up for this one, heels for the girls, shirts for the lads.

You are guaranteed to spend the night getting absolutely locked and dancing your socks off.

4. Xico

You're probably not a student anymore and you're willing to spend a few shillings, but not too much.

You adore a good bop and you've gone on the hunt more than once for an oversized Mexican hat. You think you're super exotic because you got a cocktail instead of a vodka and splash.

Dancing on the tables until the security man pulled you down is the maddest thing you've done in a while.

5. NoLita

Oh you classy b*tch you!

NoLita screams notions in the best way. Your order is a gin and tonic, which you'll most definitely take an Instagram of. You probably turned up wearing jeans and a nice top with a classy pair of heels to seal the deal.

6. Vintage Cocktail Club

Well look at you, going all out.

This is probably a special occasion, a celebration, a birthday, a date?

You've dressed very smartly and you're in "feck it let's splash out" mode. Your night won't be a messy one because you're a classy b*tch, right?

7. The George

Yaaaaaaaaas queen.

You love to dance like nobody is watching and you're all about shaking what yo' mamma gave ya. You're extravagant and great craic. You'll nip into spar for some food when all the partying is over.

8. Dtwo

The hub for student sessions.

Dtwo is the perfect place to get the shift or the ride. It's full of horny students who are stripping away their dignity with each shot from the bar. You can be seen smoking a fag outside even though you don't smoke, you just want to look cool.

You can be seen sitting in the corner playing "We like to drink with.." and "Never have I ever.." with your mates to ensure you reach your peak of white-girl-wasted.

9. District 8

You're a techno lover and a heavy session head. Going to District 8 is not an easy night so you'll have a few recovery days on the cards. You can be seen wearing Adidas zippys and Nike Air Max.

10. Flannerys

Pints, pints and more pints.

Yourself and your mates are heading out for a few casual scoops. You will spend the night having the absolute chats thinking you're fairly sober but you'll wake up with the mother of all hangovers the following day, ugh!

The night is sure to end with a sing along.

11. Bernard Shaw

You're borderline hipster but you claim not to be. You are a music head but you also want to be able to head out somewhere you can socialise. You've dressed in very casual attire but you still make sure to take a Boomerang for your Instagram story.

12. Whelans

You're a big music head. Your Spotify is full of playlists you made yourself and you're usually the go-to person in your group of friends for finding unreal gigs and tunes. You dress alt and you love craft beers.

Well, what do you think? Did we describe you accurately?

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