PICS: These 14 Puppies Were Rescued By Gardaí At Dublin Port Yesterday

They had been transported in "a dangerous manner"

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Several Gardaí conducting searches at Dublin Port just yesterday, came across a car in which 14 puppies, of various breeds, were contained in two small metal boxes in the boot.

The seizure happened on Promenade Road just after noon. The driver was a man in his early 20s.

The dogs had access to neither water nor fresh air and were being transported in what was considered ''a dangerous manner'', according to Gardaí.

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Upon seizure, the dogs were then transported to Store Street Garda Station and were finally surrendered to the DSPCA. 

The dogs were bound for the UK, but the driver had neither pet passports nor valid travel documentation for any of them. The value of the dogs is believed to be in excess of €17,000 (£14,230.82).

The puppies are, thankfully, in healthy condition. They will be monitored for a few days before being put forward for adoption.

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