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11th Oct 2023

Christmas lights spotted going up in Dublin yesterday despite 20°C+ temperatures

Katy Thornton

christmas lights dublin

There’s something a little dystopian about all this.

It is well documented on this website the tizzy we all get into when Christmas decor or shops start going up before Halloween has even come to pass. It’s not exactly a new thing – for years on end we get a collective buzz out of rioting against the early mention of the C word (some of us get a little too much buzz).

However, this year the outrage will possibly be warranted, moreso than any year before it. X user Feljin Jose shared an image of the chandelier Christmas lights being put up on South Anne Street last night, which feels particularly disconcerting given that the temperatures reached 22°C during the day.

Today’s continuous rainy, with the appropriate early-teen temperatures, would perhaps have made witnessing this feel less jarring, but it being 20°C+ yesterday in mid October leaves us with an uneasy feeling, and not just from the back sweat that resulted from our complete inability to dress ourselves with the changeable weather.

The Christmas lights won’t be switched on for weeks yet, but we have to admit, this is one of the spookiest occurrences of spooky season so far.

Header image via X / Feljin Jose & Getty


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