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PIC: Colin Farrell “Sidestepped This Question” At A Dublin Event Last Night Making Things Very Awkward

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We’d say there’s not many things that Colin Farrell won’t talk about but RTÉ broadcaster, Miriam O’Callaghan managed to catch him off guard with this question.

The actor was being interviewed on the opening day of Dublin’s Pendulum leadership summit when O’Callaghan dropped in the question: “How’s your love life?” very slyly and quickly.

“Oh no!” Farrell said immediately. “Go back to me! A good way to get me back to talking about myself! My relationship with myself? It’s good. I’m very grateful to be alive. I enjoy being with the kids and my work and my family…”

“You did what politicians did there,” replied O’Callaghan, “You sidestepped the question!”

Farrell continued “No!. But I mean… I’m not concrete, so I have no concrete answer to that question. My relationship with myself is ever-shifting.”

O’Callaghan wasn’t giving up without a fight though and reiterated the question…

“I love life, I do love life. Geez, I love it, and any chance I get to grab that bull by the horns and ride it out the arena!”

Farrell also admitted that he was in a much happier place now after years of being a “pisshead and a druggie”.

“I was such a pisshead and a druggie I didn’t have many friends. I would just go out with who was around at the time. I went to rehab 15 years ago and when I came out they said: ‘You are probably going to have to change your friends. You are going to have to change the people you hang out with if you want to stay on the road to sobriety.’ I thought: no, I don’t. Because my friends are still back in Dublin doing what they always did. They were never part of what became my dark days.”

Farrell will star in Disney’s live-action ‘Dumbo’ which will open on March 29.

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