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23rd Nov 2018

PIC: The State This Dublin Area Was Left In Yesterday Is Disgraceful

Darragh Berry

We’d love to say that this is a once off but sadly it seems like a repeating occurrence.

Images being spread online have outlined the state that this Dublin area is being left in.

The picture below is a field in Darndale which is now seemingly being used as a dumping ground by some people.

It’s unsure whether the people dumping here are residents of Darndale or people who are making it their business to dump here.

Darndale Rubbish Dump

A similar scene spread online back in the summertime. It even caught the attention of 98FM’s Adrian and Jeremy who firmly stated that they “needed to talk about the state the place was being left in.”

One local told the show that the place is becoming a “kip and it’s being forgotten about. The people inside it are being forgotten about and almost left to rot.”

This has been an ongoing problem for years but the Community Pride Project in Darndale have been on hand to try and deal with the problem on a daily basis.

It says on their website that:

“Illegal dumping is a continuous problem in Darndale and Belcamp and with the recent changes in bin charges it may get worse, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

“Our environmental workers are out everyday tackling this problem and making our community a cleaner and safer place to live in.

“With the combined resources of the Community Pride Project and the vigilance and help of the local community we can find a solution to this problem and stop illegal dumping in the community altogether.

“Illegal dumping affects the entire community, not only does it make the area look dirty, it is unsafe for children who could be playing around illegally dumped waste such as broken glass.

“The Community Pride Project is always committed to working towards making life better for the whole community and now we are asking you to help us to stop this problem by being vigilant and reporting illegally dumped waste as soon as possible by contacting the local Dublin City Council litter warden on 01 222 2222.”

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