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26th Apr 2021

DSPCA share heartbreaking story of orphaned fox cubs Lovey and Cubby

James Fenton

The stellar work of the DSPCA has spread far and wide recently, thanks to new RTÉ series The Shelter: Animal SOS.

The DSPCA, which marked its 180th anniversary in 2020, is dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare and the protection and rehabilitation of sick, abused or neglected animals. The new RTÉ series aims to highlight the challenges faced by those in the organisation and their patients and one story posted on social media earlier today has particularly caught attention.

Sharing picture of two fox cubs, Lovey and Cubby, the DSPCA wrote: ‘We have seen a lot of fox cubs come through our doors in the last few weeks. Cubby & Lovey came into our care last week after they were found alone and abandoned. Sadly their mothers were nowhere to be found.’

They added that ‘both little orphans were checked over by our veterinary team and sadly little Lovey has neurological problems and will need lots of care.

‘Cubby was taken in by a kind family who cared for him for a few weeks. Unfortunately this has lead him to be quite tame. He will need to be introduced to other cubs so that he can learn the ways again of living wild and in our beautiful countryside. Both Cubby & Lovey are now in the care of our friends WRI Wildlife Hospital where we know they be loved and care for. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for little Lovey.’

Anyone who has seen the story will doubtless be crossing their fingers as well. If you’d like to learn more about the DSPCA and how you can help creatures like Lovey and Cubby, follow this link.