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04th Jul 2018

PIC: Man Forced To Sit On “Worst Airline Seat Ever” On Dublin Flight

Darragh Berry

A long transatlantic flight can be a pain in the ass at the best of times, but this photo takes that to a whole new level.

A passenger called Matt Madrigal was assigned what he described as the “worst airline seat ever” by Aer Lingus on his flight to Dublin.

According to – a non-profit organization dedicated to resolving consumer problems – Madrigal endured the dirty “seat” with no cushion and exposed metal for the entire flight.

His mother told Michelle Couch-Friedman of the organisation that:

“The entire flight to Ireland, Aer Lingus made my son sit in the worst airline seat I’ve ever seen.”

Aer Lingus Seat Dublin

She continued: “[The air hostess] asked him to sit in it until everyone was on board and settled. Soon after everyone was on, She told him she would get back to him. She never did.

Aer Lingus responded to the publication saying that they wanted to send a sincere apology for “not having met” their expectations.

They also stated that a copy of the comments would be forwarded to their Head Office in Dublin for review.

However, Aer Lingus came back to Michelle again and said that they would offer Madrigal a $500 voucher on top of the previously offered $50.

Have you ever sat on a worse seat than that? Let us know in the comments.

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