Dublin Fire Brigade Called To Remove Man From English Lecture At Trinity Today

The man was wearing a bandage over one eye and was verbally unresponsive


Dublin Fire Brigade were called to Trinity College today to remove an unidentified man from an English lecture in the Arts Block today at approximately 3pm. 

According to Trinity News, the man was wearing a bandage over one eye and stood to the side of the lecture hall as the lecture began. 

He was verbally unresponsive when questioned by the lecturer Dr Jane Suzanne Carroll. 

He then sat in the third row of the lecture hall and closed his eyes. 

Attempts by three members of security at the college to wake the man were unsuccessful. 

Five members of the Dublin Fire Brigade entered the lecture hall 35 minutes into the lecture and attempted to wake the man.

They conducted a brief examination of the man who did not verbally respond but reportedly moved his hands.

Four members of the fire brigade carried the man from the lecture hall. 

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Megan Cassidy

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