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21st Apr 2020

Here’s the full government statement as restrictions on mass gatherings extended until August

James Fenton

The government has confirmed that restrictions on mass gatherings in excess of 5,000 people will be extended until the end of August.

It was reported earlier that all mass gatherings of 5,000 people or more would be banned until the autumn, before a government statement was issued just after 5pm.

In it, it is confirmed that largescale future events which require licenses in excess of 5,000 people, will not be considered until the end of August.

The full statement issued this evening can be read below:

‘All Mass Gatherings have been restricted since the March 24th.

‘Further health advice will be updated in advance of May 5th.

‘However, there are a number of largescale future events which require licensing and the involvement of the HSE and Garda Síochána, and public consultation in that licensing process which fall to be determined in advance of that by local authorities.

‘While the issue of restrictions on future mass gatherings is a decision to be taken by the NPHET, in the case of these particular events, and taking account of the impacts on the integrity of the licensing process in the short-term due to restrictions on stakeholder involvement, local authorities have been advised by Government that event promoters should be informed that events requiring licences in excess of 5,000 will not be considered for the period up to the end of August.

This will be kept under review in line with NPHET advice on mass gatherings more generally.’

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