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20th Dec 2016

‘I Appreciate Each Memory – The Good, The Bad, Even The Heartbreak. Nothing Prepares You For This’


We’re big fans of the fighting force that is Denise Ryan.

Since being diagnosed with Lyme disease, the Rathfarnham woman has really come out swinging – organising Into The West screenings, selling T-shirts and dreaming up mad schemes to help her raise the cash she needs for treatment in the States.

Yesterday, her story was covered in a Humans of Dublin post. And to say it will stop you in your tracks is an understatement.

It’s a story of how the everyday can suddenly become a battle to survive, and how that battle can unearth aspects of someone’s personality that neither they nor anyone else knew existed.

“I was in love, once! It wasn’t until my mid-twenties though because I’d always been really afraid of getting my heart…

Posted by Humans of Dublin on Monday, April 4, 2016

You can donate to Denise’s urgent medical fund here.