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29th Jun 2018

PICS: The Disgraceful And Disgusting State That Malahide Beach Was Left In Last Night

Darragh Berry

We enjoy the sun as much as the next person but it doesn’t mean we all get to turn into automatic litter louts.

It is very to argue with the fact that enjoying a few tinnies in the sun is lovely but people, whatever you bring with you, you take it home with you.

Predictably enough, Ireland’s record-breaking temperatures has led to massive crowds of Dubliners heading to their nearest beaches to get their tan on.

One of these places was Malahide Beach and the state that the place was left in after all the revellers had made their way home was appalling.

Here’s the aftermath of all the craic yesterday…

Malahide Litter
Malahide Litter 2
Malahide Litter 3
Malahide Litter 4
Malahide Litter 5

Thanks to Tony McCabe for sending these pictures on to us.

Can we all just be sound and enjoy the sun responsibly?

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